Remote Recruitment – Gear-Up For Post Covid19 Recruting World.

The way companies are hiring and engaging talent completely flipped after
stay-at-home orders given by the government.
This pandemic is quickly
changing the way every organization is attracting and recruiting employees on their virtual teams by making remote work the new-normal. Recruiters trying to recruit for senior positions are under increasing pressure from hiring managers to arrange interviews with the highest quality candidates possible.
College recruiters are resorting to individual Skype or Zoom sessions with
candidates and attempting to keep track of interviews
the best they can. For a solution to be effective it needs to enable companies and job seekers to
connect by giving companies a greater scale than is possible for physical
recruiting events.

Though remote recruitment and employment seems to completely liquidate the fixed and rigid employment regimes, increasing the possibility and the charm of “anybody be able to work from anywhere, for anyone”, it also comes on board with its own box of problems. For starters – work tracking, responsibility hand over, work time management – and even company work culture not getting dwindled evenly among the new joinees.

All said and done; as the whole world is on-board on the pandemic train, it seems to be a win win for the candidates and an adjustment for the employers – from this perspective.

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