“Logistics and transportation recruitment agency”- A fast-growing field

“Supply Chain Optimization – Not as easy as it looks”

With the growing internet shopping and delivering personal stuff every day, therefore there is a huge demand for logistics and transportation recruitment.

It’s all about moving things, storing things, and supplying things. And when we say ‘things’, we mean anything and everything, from people and animals to goods and services. Without the transport and logistics industry, we wouldn’t be able to get to work in the morning or fly away on holiday, and international trade would certainly not be ‘inter-national’ anymore. Plus, you would never wake up to find a birthday card being stuffed through your letterbox.

Why should you pursue a career in logistics and transportations –

Online retail

1. Online retail –

With the prominence of web shopping in trendy retail, transport and logistics have ne’er been given this importance.
Retailers should be sure to own infrastructure in place to stock and deliver merchandise across the country at the drop of a hat. This involves finding reliable suppliers, building and managing factories, and organizing and deploying a fleet of delivery vehicles — these are all totally different jobs that may attract a variety of applicants.

Same day delivery

2. Same day delivery

Online retailers like Amazon are putting even additional stress on one-day delivery options. Companies are required to continue hiring in order to cope with the burden.
With the fee that customers pay for ultra-fast delivery, the businesses will invest in a larger and more adept workforce — this is often nice news for job hunters.

grocery shopping at upermarket mall grocery store vegetable healthy food smart phone online supermarket

3. Online grocery shopping

While online shopping for non-perishable products has been fashionable for years now, only recently have consumers really began to benefit from online grocery shopping. Supermarkets were fast to embrace the home delivery service, however, with additional on-line retailers currently moving towards a service that includes the delivery of foodstuffs, most importantly it is going to be placed on retailers finding cheap, native suppliers of fresh manufacture to sustain this service. This is not a simple task, but one that someone with information about supply chain management would perform well.

Expert training

4. Expert training

While the bridge between higher education and full-time employment can be one of the foremost troublesome to cross initiatives exist within the transport and provision sector to make the passage nearly seamless. A university or diploma course that’s most suited to the required skill set, and build contact with potential employers. A study specifically what’s needed of you once operating specifically job roles. Once you end your study, this position could then be offered to you — no job hunt necessary!

Public transport developments

5. Public transport developments

With the urge for people to move away from fuel-guzzling single passenger journeys, further importance is being placed on the development of more time- and fuel-efficient public transport systems. Whether you are operating, designing, or managing one of these systems, jobs continue to be created in the sector at all levels.

Super factories

6. Super factories

As recently seen with the Tesla Gigafactory (reported here by Tech Insider), huge global manufacturers are moving to build their own ‘super factories’ to produce goods at a higher rate. With this move away from shared factory space, even more, jobs will be created to manufacture and ship goods.

7. An essential industry

While social attitudes change and modern science improves, there will always be the need to supply and deliver goods across the globe. The transport and logistics industry is one that cannot be replaced by technology, and in fact, may even be enrichened by it — all forms of technology must be produced and transported, and you could be the person behind that.

8. Aviation
While a mere sector within the industry, aviation continues to be an area that is in high demand for skilled workers. Both commercial and passenger planes require staff to load and operate the vehicle, but the work that goes on behind the scenes to make this happen is often overlooked. Planning the arrival and departure times on a runway and conducting planes to adhere to these times is by no means an easy job. The sector is constantly in need of highly skilled workers and has the infrastructure in place to train graduates to this level.

9. Work in the community
You don’t have to work for a superbrand to enjoy a career in the industry, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in community work using your knowledge of supply chain management.

Research roles

10. Research roles
The industry also benefits from research companies who can produce reports on consumer habits, service efficiency, and outreach. While your speciality may not be supply chain management, this does not rule you out of a career within the sector.

Our careers guidance and jobs section will help you with your employment search by taking into account what you bring to the table, and not try to shoehorn you into an inappropriate role.

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