Finding Nemo In The Recruiting Ocean

They say that there is an ocean of talent out there, and they are not wrong at all. Recruiters have to work continuously along developing new strategies to find the real Nemo.
Nemo or the “Nische Employee Moving Organisations” is the rarest breads of candidates that you won’t find every day – floating on portals. To catch this fish, you need references in the industry, knowledge of a wide range of skill bases – and the capability to negotiate and close.

It is very important to understand the potential of the candidate, therefore accepting calls, checking resumes, and replying to emails can motivate the candidate to work with you – and at the same time, increase the steadiness of the closure.

Moreover, there are also fake sharks or fake profiles roaming among references, waiting to get closed with a fake degree or wrong documentation- Always making sure that you reach out to the best – and that standard you set, is enough to get you to the right ones.

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