Big bet on fresh graduates – A golden opportunity in the midst of Pandemic.

As the pandemic is almost coming to an end – India’s homegrown IT solution corporation, HCL Technologies has determined to restart hiring. The IT service firm plans to lease 12,000 freshers for FY21. The tech corporation has already closed the hiring of 3000 candidates.

Within the next two quarters, HCL will close the hiring for the rest of the employees. VV Apparao, Chief Human Resources Officer, HCL Tech also mentioned that the tech firm is also planning to re-introduce salary hikes. The increment will be offered in two installments, effective October and January 2021.

The IT firm is expecting a large number of recruitments to take place before December.

Talking about the increments, it will be rolled out by the starting of October. Junior-level employees will receive the salary hike from October 1. Senior-level workers will start receiving the hike from January 1, 2021. The hikes were deferred by one quarter from the regular increment cycle. Moreover, HCL has no plans to cut down on increments.

HCL explained that they were unable to recruit in many universities and colleges because students had not finished their final exams. Therefore, students were not qualified to join HCL. Although offers were given to the students.

March 2021, this tech park would be hiring 12,000 fresh graduates. It will be a huge move because last year the company hired around 8,100 freshers. In the second quarter, HCL Tech has added 2,789 employees, out of which 1,578 were freshers.

HCL has reported a decent rate of a boom in the number of new deals closed.
HCL has closed 15 transformation offers. The new order bookings have extended 35% as compared to the last quarter.

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