Amazon is hiring 33 thousand people in the US

Amazon created 33,000 new corporate jobs, the tech giant said in a blog post.

The Fact is – Amazon currently has 33,000 open positions including Amazon’s smart home device, Alexa; Amazon Web Services (AWS); Operating Technology, and Prime Video.
Recently it was reported by a local source that amazon has successfully signed multiple deals through the length and breadth of india – for digital marketing boosting purposes.

This makes one wonder, on what are they upto?

Amazon has more than 600,000 full-time and part-time employees in 40 states and continues to grow its influence nationwide, providing hundreds of thousands of urban jobs.
During the company’s Career Day event, prospective tenants will “learn more about tens of thousands of Amazon jobs” and “industry-leading employee benefits,” the blog post said.

COVID-19 continues to affect millions of people across the country and people are excited about the opportunity to return to work.” We have created more jobs over the past decade than any other company – and we continue to employ people of different backgrounds and skills,” Amazon seems to have a fair and honest statement.

With all the facts and statements, everything seems to be very exciting and developing but the other way round – Amazon might be also helping take down the local retailors of the country – or so is the not so sunshine part of the story – Though the claims are being thoroughly questioned and studied.

Like the businessnewsdaily suggested, that amazon is infact helping small businesses.

“Amazon released a small business impact report earlier this year, claiming half the items sold on Amazon are produced by small and medium-sized businesses. It also introduced Amazon Storefronts, a separate section of the website where SMBs advertise their products and build their brand.

This is Amazon’s latest attempt to distance itself from the evil reputation some peg it with, providing fanciful statistics and an exclusive section of the website where it can show off its best SMB partners”
nsureon’s poll found that 68 percent of businesses surveyed said that online retailers had a positive impact on their business. Yet, according to Shvarts, the typical overhead costs of a small business naturally give e-commerce businesses an advantage.

So, one can conclude – amazon is here to stay! And they have their eyes on the growing internet consumption of this thriving 1.3 billion densely populated largest democracy in the world. Yes, they are helping the SMBs registered online grow – but if a solution is not found for the non-registered ones – they would be grimly reminded, that India Indeed is the largest democracy in the world.

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